Reviews for "Scrap Book: Bohh vs. Nosu"


Every once in a while, a flash work is so great, and inspiring, that it truly deserves a 10/10, something I dont give out too often!
Despite lacking storyline of any sort at all, Scrap-Book still is an amazingly superb use of style-lined paper, background/frame by frame animation-esqueness.
I cant even find the words to explain it...
I'll just let the score speak for itself. haha!

that fucking ruled

holy shit man, good job

You need a series on Nosu

I think you could do it.Like a serious series for Nosu and all of his quests.You can use the same people and work on it for a wile and even introduce new characters.


This was a really good flash. The sounds actually made me laugh on a few occasions, but the fighting sequence is very well animated, and the continuity and lack of choppyness puts this ahead of most of the other fighting animations. Very well done.

realy good animation

as good as mon and fita, and thats a n acheivement! both are totally awesome!!!! nice penceil techiche too!