Reviews for "panty & stocking attack"


They're still bitches

Not Bad

I found this picture nearly close to the actual style of "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" (impressive, if I may add). But the reason why I gave an 8/10 for this picture was that I found both characters' legs to be a bit... well... thicker than I last seen them.

Good effort, though! :D


Stocking's legs look a lil chubby, whilst Panty's doesn't have that secks appeal she always seems to have.
Good work on the creepy effect on Stocking.
Howevr I expected you'd do the more "detailed anime" version of these 2. You know, so all us pervs will get to stare at cleavage. And the like.



Damn, this is epic.I love the glow on Stocking's eyes!

To be expected

RTIL's drawing has always GAINAX looks alike. This is no problemo for him