Reviews for "Our inner kid"

((Voted 5))

This took me a long time to review, sorry! I don't foresee this review being that great either, so double sorry!

It's just one of those submissions that really "wows" you, y'know? I've listened to this song ten times, and I cannot find a single flaw.

Woodwind/Hand bell intro ensemble really grabbed me, and honestly, got me anxious for the rest of the song, which is not something that is easy to do. Your transition were actually seamless, all the ambient background instruments aided the front runners perfectly without being repetitive.

Maybe I'm bad at reviewing, but perfection is hard to explain.

Fuoco responds:

There's nothing to be sorry, my good man!
For a free review this made my day, I'm happy that you liked it this much.
It truly means a lot, being able to keep people anxious is something every audio artist wants to achieve.
Woodwinds are my favorite instrument :), I'm working on a piece for flute this time. I'm not sure how it'll turn out, but make sure to check it out!

Thanks for your time Joey, this is a lovely review.
Oh, and thanks for the five ;)

Very nice.

Viva Mexico, cabrones :D


Great song. I love how all the instruments blend in flawlessly. The introduction of strings is excellent and they add a lot to the piece. The only "problem" I see is the cymbal used in 1:15 . I feel like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the instruments. As a matter of fact, I think it's awful :P

Imagery...mine's slightly different. It reminds me of childhood more than anything else. Probably someone getting a flashback, thinking about his dearest moments as a child.

Very peaceful track, nice work.

Fuoco responds:


I'm not quite a patriot anyway...

About the cymbal, it was originally written for a rock drumkit cymbal and I found something similar in GPO. The weird thing is that in the actual playing it sounded the way it sounds now, and it's the same cymbal I used for my other song "The Wind Warrior". Weird, maybe it's not the same but it's still confusing. Maybe that cymbal preceded by a reverse cymbal would make it sound better, but I don't feel like adding or changing anything at the moment.

The flashback imagery is nice. To tell the truth, I wasn't thinking of anything when composing this song. Once finished, I had to think of something say in the author comments. But shhh! Don't tell anyone! ;D

Thanks for reviewing!


that was amazing and very peaceful. i bet that this would fit in perfectly with a game or flash. i realy cant think of anything bad to say about this.its just perfect.very very nice job.keep it up :)

Fuoco responds:

Why, thank you good sir.

Simple... Yet powerful

It was pretty simple, as far as the instruments go, but that's what you were going for, right? I liked it, somehow it reminded me of Young Link from Ocarina of Time.

Fuoco responds:

I like ocarina of time :D

It was meant to be simple, but I always wanted to compose something complicated keeping a catchy melody. I'd like to see my sheet music full of instruments, full of notes.
I hope Rimsky's guide to orchestration help a little to do that.

I'm glad you liked it!


LOVED IT! Makes me think of my past and its a vary peaceful and relaxing song!


Fuoco responds: