Reviews for "Our inner kid"

Wow.....i saw this on symphony of specters

where you were advertising it in the radio section. I like it a lot so I had to review this. It's a very soothing, beautiful piece, like TT said below. I to can see how the first section goes along with the theme of being a father. I can see it in a movie or video game while a father is peering into his son's room, just to check on him, only to see him gently lay asleep nice and snug under the covers. Like the choice use of xylphones ( or glockenspiel?) as they spark some young child themes, and it meshes very well with the slow harp arpeggiation in the background. Oboe moves very gracefully as well, the beginning is very excently composed. The strings come in very effectively, too, and the flute solo was another great addition. The chimes add some nice imagery, and I like how you ended on the solo extended string chord. The subtle percussion is an okay addition, as some more intricate rhythms arent really needed for this piece, but at the same time I dont think it does the track a whole lot of justice. To round everything out some lower strings might be a nice idea, but that too isnt necessary for a floaty peaceful track like this IMO.

clarity is very good too! sounds very nice and pleasing. The woodwinds could be placed a little more to the right or left tho, methinks.

Well, excellent track man! The track flows very well with the story, this should easily make the radio I think :D

Fuoco responds:

This is probably the best review I've ever recieved.

Your words make me so happy and bubbly inside! Apparently I managed to compose what I was aiming for, because I like what you picture with this song :D
The glockenspiel was indeed to spark a child theme, especially at 1:40 and forth.

The precussion was originally castanetes (as it is now) and another sound that wasn't on Garritan's library. So I ended up using two different castanetes, wich was not supposed to repeat over and over as it is at 1:15 and forth but wasn't bad either.

I agree with the lowering strings, some parts sounds like the rest of the instruments are drowning with the strings. But seems like Finale doesn't match too well with Garritan, so using a "p" dynamic was exactly like using "FF". I used the volume controls and somehow it ended up well too.

I don't know about placing sounds to the left or right. I've never messed with that function, but I will once I get to my computer and see how your idea turns out. I might edit it :D

Thanks for an awesome review! And thanks for your support!

A very soothing piece

I definitely feel what you were going for with this song. You blended everything well and the melodies flow very smooth. This is a great piece. And i really cant picture it as a battle score lol, you must have completely given it a 180 before you posted this.

Anywho, you get a 5 from me XD

Fuoco responds:

Slow pieces fits better with me, but I enjoy battle songs as well. The battle score was like taking the first melody and using a typical battle rythm, and then in the middle some brass was going in... but I thought it wasn't that good/original.

Thanks again for your five! ;)