Reviews for "Our inner kid"


I figured I'd come by and check out your stuff since I haven't heard it in a while, and boy, have you improved! Your orchestration has gotten much more refined! Also, your woodwind samples are very enchanting! What are you using for them? I'd love to know!

Now, for two suggestions, both relating to the strings. First, I think they could be pulled back overall. It seems their primary purpose is to provide body, but they can achieve that goal. Furthermore, by bringing them back, you can bring one or two of the voices out, which will give them a bit more shape.

Second, I think it'd be really nice to have them playing harmony (or a counter melody) rather than doubling the melody. In this case, they'd be better served to have their own voice. Since the melody has little to compete with, doubling it feels a bit overkill to me!

Very nit picky things, all in all very well done!
Keep it up!

Fuoco responds:

Woah, and I thought you didn't knew I existed. All these words coming you really means a lot.

Woodwinds sounds nice, don't they? It's Garritan's Personal Orchestra. Great library of instruments for slow paced songs.

I can see what you mean by pulling back the strings. I was thinking of something like that for a middle theme, something softer or just different, but I wasn't sure of it. The constant sounds of strings might get a bit annoying if they dont have a rest. It defenitely would have improved the piece, and I will take it in consideration for my next song. Thank you for that.

And by your second suggestion I know you're right. I doubled the melody in that part because I didn't thought of anything else at the moment, and I guess I rushed. Bad move.
But the counter melody idea is perfect. Right now I'm working on another song, with a more developed melody, and I'm sure It'll be easier to add a counter melody.

Thanks for such helpful review!
I'll take all these suggestions by heart, I swear.

Great nice work

Wow, writing orchestral parts it's no easy job at all. You did a great work. Nice and clean, suggestive, yet a little too simple.
I'd search for a more strong variation or something more evocative.
This piece is a perfect background song for a tv series. It's a great accomplishment, because it completely sounds like a professional piece I could find in an original soundtrack album.
Keep it up!!

Fuoco responds:

Glad to hear from you!
More variation is on its way then, it's flattering that find this piece as good as that.

And I just got +2 points from you since the last song, I promised a better song last time and here it is. Let's see if I get another +2 points for the next one coming not so soon... I only got the melody so far :(

Thank you so much for reviewing this, grimorg.
It really means a lot.

Me encanta!

Escuché todas tus canciones, me encantan todas, y esta es mi favorita, y hasta tal punto que de repente me escucho silbando tu canción en varios momentos (lo que como sabes es muy difícil lograr en las personas), la parte que me hipnotizó fue de 00:51 a 1:14, tiene un encanto tan dificil de explicar.

Pero lo poco que sí puedo plasmar en palabras, es la fuerza interna que expresa este tema, el cariño, la protección, la seguridad, la brisa tibia que se siente al escucharlo, que va de la mano con el sentimiento de ser padre.

Y en cuanto al sentimiento de ser niño, el instrumento de fondo (no estoy seguro cual es... tal vez un xilófono acompañado con otro instrumento mas? como una pequeña caja de música n_n) trae a mi mente la inocencia de ser niño, su bondad, su felicidad. La imagen que más se me repite en todo el tema, es la de un padre con su hijo corriendo por el campo, y la de un padre joven con un recien nacido entre sus brazos =)

Eres un gran músico, con tanto talento, no te olvides hacerme saber cuando tengas un nuevo tema! me encantaría escucharlo. Espero saber pronto de tí ^_^


Fuoco responds:

El segundo segmento es también mi favorito. Curioso, que ese segmento halla empezado como práctica con violines. Tuve ese archivo guardado por bastante tiempo hasta que decidí retomarlo y terminarlo de una vez.

Cariño + Protección = Padres, sin duda.

El insturmento de fondo son violines, mas el harpa que toca las mismas notas. La caja de música es en realidad un glockenspiel en 16avos. La imagen que dices es graciosa, me imaginé a alguien corriendo por el campo con un recién nacido en los brazos, la gente lo empalaría por creer que se lo está robando jaja.

Estoy haciendo otra canción con flauta, la melodía va bien pero aún no tengo idea de que otros insturmentos agregue. Pero te lo haré saber en cuanto esté listo.

Gracias por tu tiempo, y por el 10 :D

Not alot of people can compose ....

orchestrated pieces with such variety , i'll tell you that. At least i can't , yet.

The is harmony and great air coming from this , it gives you that nostalgic serene feeling of youth.

5'd and DL.

Drop me a review some time.

Fuoco responds:

Feeling of youth, I'm glad I was able to print that feeling into the song. Not always do I manage to do that. I guess this is a big step then :D

I'll make sure to check out your pieces one of these days.
Thanks for your time!

((Voted 5))

This took me a long time to review, sorry! I don't foresee this review being that great either, so double sorry!

It's just one of those submissions that really "wows" you, y'know? I've listened to this song ten times, and I cannot find a single flaw.

Woodwind/Hand bell intro ensemble really grabbed me, and honestly, got me anxious for the rest of the song, which is not something that is easy to do. Your transition were actually seamless, all the ambient background instruments aided the front runners perfectly without being repetitive.

Maybe I'm bad at reviewing, but perfection is hard to explain.

Fuoco responds:

There's nothing to be sorry, my good man!
For a free review this made my day, I'm happy that you liked it this much.
It truly means a lot, being able to keep people anxious is something every audio artist wants to achieve.
Woodwinds are my favorite instrument :), I'm working on a piece for flute this time. I'm not sure how it'll turn out, but make sure to check it out!

Thanks for your time Joey, this is a lovely review.
Oh, and thanks for the five ;)