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Reviews for "Zman"


it got something that i ca'n't explain!... i like it :D nice movie!

*sniff* *sniff*

Godbless you Zman! You're such a little trooper! *sniff*. You just keep on trucking!

Nice movie man.

i like ice cream

i found it very funny actually...most of u non-sick minded ppl will have no clue about the humor

TheBoob responds:

funny, YES! great to hear you liked it, thanks for the review


This was kind of cool, I liked this, it's cute but sad at the same time.

Nice little story, with some simple graphics... but they work with good smooth animation, and the music was great.

Nice job!

TheBoob responds:

well sorry i didn't get a response back, i havn't been using the internet for a while (weird i know). yeah, the graphics are simple (im not an artist) but i feel like it all came together well, thanx for the support

i need Zoloft..quick

Hmmm... i'd have to say id rather watch the Zoloft commercial another 3,000 times than watch this POS again... on a serious note... good job... jackass

TheBoob responds:

well thanks for the review, even though its not that helpfull, but i asume you wont watch my movies again.