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Reviews for "BB vs GC"

Pretty good for a spin off of 8-bit theatre

It was too short and not too funny. I found an easter egg in the end of Garland's castle's victory. Whan it ends, wait like ten seconds and you will get a funny little skit

Good for a cheap laugh

I like the originality of this one. As always a pleasure to watch. If you watch the Castle's winning animation don't hit restart too soon....

Looks good.

Not your best work, but still good for a laugh. Personally, I thought there should have been a refrence to Black Belt getting lost (and possibly finding himself) within the castle.

I gotta say, the others were better...

Yes, I understand this one is supposed to be a short one... but still.It was all just mild eye candy. There was barely even any text. And I miss the all black backgrounds on the battle field.

not as good as your previous work

I liked your other flash movies... but this one wasn't that funny to me. I thought Blabk Belt was just going to try to get through the castle and get lost or something... I think it would have been better if you involved BB's "Ryoga" Syndrome.