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Reviews for "BB vs GC"

good as usual

I like the walking castle from the VS button.

Speaking of the VS button, did you know that your movie names have four different versions of "VS"?

and Vs.

Nothing exciting or interesting, just somethin' I noticed. Next time, you need to make it "vs.", and then "VS.", and you'll have a complete set! Too bad you used "vs" three times, though. You could already have the whole collection, but no, you had to be lazy.

Actually, there's still four more. There's "v", "v.", "vS", and "vS.", but they all suck, so you're okay with the six already stated. But you REALLY need those other two, man. I mean, you can't just half-ass something like this. You gotta go all tha way!

Pay them no atention.

I love all your animations, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Pay no mind to those that decide they hate it, after all, I don't see to many of them with any submissions at all, not to mention ones that follow this line.

Great work


..that was weird

this is a weed?

Very good movie, but very short :/.

Somewhat funny

I think the best thing about it was the idea of having Black Belt confront Garland's castle. Other than that, there wasn't much. But I didn't expect much more after the warnings of how short it was anyway. I liked the other submissions by Meddros better.