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Reviews for "BB vs GC"

BB is stupid

BB is a retard full of shit for trying to knock down a castle by kicking the outside wall.

<3 D & D!

Woo! I love all D & D flashes on here. I love the 8-bit Theater series, and I love your series! I can't stand not watching this over and over and over! I love every bit of it! It's so awesome! I mean, I just -have- to watch it over and over. The graphics fit the flash, style is totally awesome, sound went smoothly, and was in sync with the flash, the violence fit the movie, and the humor made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I can't get enough of D & D! So to all of you D & D fans, watch this flash! It rocks! Keep up the good work Meddros, I really love it.


i like it when black belt wins much more to it,

Well it....umm......err...uuh........umm..

Well that was differend HOW CAN ANYONE LOSE TO A CASTLE (SIGH)



Funny for immature minds, such as mine... therefore, i liked it. Good job!