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Reviews for "BB vs GC"


it was really funny.

Not his best work

Meddros' other flash vs battles were far better.
The only secrets I saw in this one were the vs sign and Garland's kite flying after his castle won....
The only scenes that were all that funny were Garland's weed picking and the airship hit.

It was good..........but not great.

It wasn't as good as some more classic ones. It was too short and not nearly as witty as I'd expect. Also, there weren't enough surprise links (not any that I found outside of the vs. sign).

Still, it was much much better than that horrible "White Mage vs. Black mage" that you did. I shudder at the memory. =P

I really enjoyed the music in this one, though. Reminds me of the good old TMNT arcade games.

its grood...

there were 3 endings

this rocked

Good, Solid Work

Good job doing this flash. I liked the 2 endings.