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Reviews for "When we were Kings"

My childhood....


Beavis and Butthead, epic piece...great work.

HA HA!!!

You rock, Shadman!!!!


It only fits that the most prolific art reviewer would have good art himself! Trust me, it's better than anything I would probably submit here. While I'm not that familiar with "Beavis And Butt-Head" I think I can understand what the title means. I think it's referring to the cancellation of the show. I am very glad to say that since then the series has actually been brought back! This perfectly fits the artistic value of the series.

Granted, the series wasn't known for artisticness, but you really know how to embrace the characters. Beavis looks like Mr. Burns. I love how there is so much depth put into the character's appearance. With a single image, you can't tell much of a story or have humor so you have to work with what you can show. Not the most detailed thing, but good enough to love.

Funny as Hell!

T-P for my Bung hole....I remember that from when they had to fight to the death on celebrity deathmatch....