Reviews for "2 B A Master"


never thought of ash like this LOL i love it

Damn cool

I love this rendition of an adult Ash. Come to think of it, I never thought what he'd end up as an adult.

I like the dark look. It seems grimy, with some darkened colors, depressing. The way you drew Pikachu is also really neat, love it. The piece as a whole really just seems depressing and saddening, the fate of a child's hero.

Could do with some more detail, I suppose. It seems a bit sketchy in parts, like with the shoes. Some lines you could've removed on the entire piece, the pants and the shoes mainly. Shading and lighting is pretty well done. The right hand (the one holding the can), seems somewhat odd as well.


Love the expression on Pikachu's face! ROFL, he's been drinking to much vodka in the morning!


Freakin hilarious. keep up the hard work.

i love it

this is the like greatest pokeon drawing where there not acting like there in a show