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Reviews for "Matrix BR"

Fantastic arrangement.

Well, I have to say that my reviews normally mean that top songs get tossed out of the front page. HOWEVER, I must remind myself that today being a day that 'Jack Sparrow is sober' means that things will also follow in accordingly strange patterns. I liked it. And so the world ended... Continuing on...

Very nice original sounds, and I can see why everyone ought to be quivering in fear. There's a new artist to be respected, and I look forward to hearing new work from you in the future.

There's some skipping, but I can't say that it's anything too serious, and doesn't require any drastic action to fix.
9/10 and 4/5.

Nice dude

The rythem this song is very good, I like XD

Nice and up beat! ^_^

This is the first thing you've submitted that has actually made me feel like dancing. I like this one a lot.
I'll have to re-organize my favourites now >_>
Oh well. This is going to be among my top favourites. Glad I can see you progress the way you do. You've done amazing work with the percussion in this one too.
Nice sounds and nice rythem. I'm liking it more than Revelation. I'd like to hear this one at a dance club or something.
Good luck and procrastinate some more.
Unless it's with Dancing mad, Hurry up with that one boy!

Awesome. Your added straight into my favorite-

Artists. ;D I love hearing from you!! <3

bitium-ribbon responds:

Hahaha yayy! : )