Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"

I think it should be cartooned

Another great picture! I guess I just am myself associated with Link, as you could probably tell. It's always nice to combine things. MLP has been combined with pretty much everything. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't do that with everything else! I think Link's face looks a bit too young for his body.

I've learned so much about him just from this website. Okay, I can still recognize Ganon and Zelda. I don't know who the red guy is. He looks a lot like Orko. I really appreciate how well detailed this all is.

Original and creative! I never would have thought of an Indiana Jones/Legend of Zelda sort of crossover.
The color and style really do give it that Indiana Jones feel, and I'm glad to see you drew Link and Zelda in a such a way as to make them naturally fit in this Jones-ish look - you didn't just slap character models onto the poster. Great work!

i never could have thought of this myself good job

awesome work