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Reviews for "My house"

Im sick of this shit!

Why the FUCK does everyone try to aim for sympathy votes? Oh wow, half of you who make these little "my parents beat me" movies never have been scrathed by a guardian/parent... I mean seriously try harder in your work dont try and make this shit that people will go "awww poor little kid gets beaten" Ive seen so much of this its stupid now. I mean come on wow they argue then throw a coffee cup and she runs outside and hugs a tree. Great job.... Try harder.



That was a really shitty and unthoughtful topic. But the music was on a "raditude" of 10. Mr. "Zulu-Arcade," if he is even old enough to be called "Mr.," (I doubt that he is, considering his limited grasp of the English language) has serious problems if he doesn't like the "fekin opra" that you used. Debuse/Bach was an awe-inspiring selection for your shitty unthoughtful topic.

My roommate on the otherhand cried uncontrollably. You see he grew up in a broken home. Literally. He was living in Mogadishu when a few Green Berets showed up raped his father and cut his hut in half. So I beat him with the garden hose and put him in the closet(box of contemplation). He's pretty quiet now.

You need to pick your colour palette a little more carfully next time, I felt as though I was walking through a Japper pachinko parlour. I also would have liked to see the little girl get beaten or something of the like. I think violence against women is really funny. I don't know if that is what you were going for, but it's just a thought.

I hate morons

Nice work... I fell sorry for your situation.

I'd give this an 8 but I feel like giving it a 10 to compensate for the morons who flamed you

Good work

A lot of emotion in it. I feel your pain man. I know how horrible it is to live in a house with bickering parents.


That was good. And to the guy who made the previous review, you dumb fuck! You didn't understand the concept at all. Fucking jewb ass little gay...god you must've had a sheltered life...fucking skunt...