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Reviews for "My house"


...anybody seen "Til death do us part" ?? This is basically a rip off with a little switched up material. U seem to know what u're doin in flash pretty good, but stealing stuff like that wont go unnoticed. Try again and be original.

That was a pretty bad song to choose by the way.

not bad reminded me of My Room.

But you needed more flat out animation. And a terrible song to choose. and come on a rotting tree? at least a treehouse. Anyways very nice work.


at first i wondered why everyone nearly hated it. then i watched it, then i thought it was gay, but then i realized that well, no kid likes to see parents fight and most kids have a 'special place' where they feel secure. and since the girl look like a 10 yr old she would have a special place. her special place is obviously a .. rotting dead tree?
i think the last guy sed, the girl shouldv been humping the tree. DUDE SHES A BIT PRETEEN DONT YA THINK u pedo


das was awesome my friend, those freaks who only get onto dis site for porn shouldnt even watch movies with actual purpose, a movie i wouldnt be suprised if it got onto da title page, i highly reccomend dis movie, especially if you're parents fight, G'job


That was some tree hugging hippie crap..literally. Parents fight, big deal, thats no excuse to run outside and start embracing random flora. Or maybe they were fighting because she was doing peyote again. If so, it would have been better if she had gotten naked and humped the tree.