Reviews for "Eddie"

Ghetto Oranges

Best damn oranges. 10 for 50 cents.
N***a was fucking ice cream and getting fucked by ice cream. XD


It was very funny. The pancake ladys name was Ms. Buttersworth. Ghetto Flakes. Lol. But it shouldnt be rated suitable for everyone. But overall good.

Nice.. XD

lmao, this made my day, soo funny! :D

OMFG soooo funnyy!!

i loved it! eddie ish soooo dum man! buht thats whut makes it funny =P having sex with a icecream tub nd a popsicle up his ass.... NICE! (( dats sarcasum )) hahahhahaha

Eddie. You fired. Get out my office. Now. Biatch.

This is what I call a classic. Not many like this on NG. Original, funny and has a moral:
If you work at a deli mart, donĀ“t have sex with a box of ice cream.