Reviews for "Sea Weasels"

You are a genius

I loved the voice over and the interactivity. The best bit was super grow made me die laughing.

good stuff

well sea weasels would be cool to have for pets. if only they were real.

Great job man.

Lol, I remember back when I bought a sea monkey kit like that, with all of the different 'mega-instant' foods and complicated manuals. Good parody.

Comic water tank based action

Not bad at all - loved the graphical style and the little interactive touches. Some quite funny moments, it's a good short movie to watch. They're known as sea monkeys over here, I remember them. Do make a series of this, it's a good start.

Back in the day

This reminded me of some of the silly things from back in the day (1980s). I remember those sea creatures you had to put in water and all that jazz and the music "Sea Weasel, Sea Weasel" reminds me of an old timely commercial (maybe back in the 50s). I found this creative and unique.