Reviews for "Sea Weasels"


I SO LOVED THAT! I really do hope you make more. I am going to sing that song in school tomorrow. "Sea weasels sea weasels sea weasels, the weasels of the sea!"

Ren & Stimpy-ish

The voice reminded me of the products they served on R&S clips, and the stuff that happened to the sea weasels. You deserve a Log for this!


This wa absolutely friggen hilarious..Bravo and can't wait for the next one! <3

Very remenescent of Killfrog's work.

Nicely done! I liked everything that happened! What would've been hilarious at the very end, was after the orange Sea-Weasel said "I'm gassy." the narrarator goes, "Uh-oh, it says here in the manuel that after the Sea Weasels have gained maturity, they become very violent!" Then they start tearing each other apart and the narrarator continues, "Well, at least we got this 'Sea Weasels Fighting Arena!' complete with a wide array of weapons for them to use! Let's drop it in and watch the fun!" But that's just my twisted humor. Keep it up! We want to SEE more SEA WEASELS!

Sea Weasels, Sea Weasels, Sea Weasels...damn... that jingle is stuck in my head...Arrggh!!!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech. (I won't lie, I'd buy some Sea Weasels...)


i might own a tank of sea monkeys and be a bit defensive of them, but i'm not such a tree hugger that i can't see the humor in your parody. i think it's awesome.

"do you smell scampi?" he he that's not right. that's why it's funny. (also my rection to stephen lynch's "kill a kitten.")