Reviews for "Sea Weasels"


that was interesting.

Those were their tails flapping around...right???

The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. The concept was somewhat original...had a catchy toon too...."Sea Weasels, their the weasels of the sea."

Are you possesed?

Pointless but it was funny. I like frying the lil bastard

Not quite deserving of front page

Good for a first attempt, though. I'd suggest adding a bit more humor, that was the main problem. I just didn't find it funny. Liked the interactivity, though.


I coulda sworn that one of em would be a girl when you said they "mature" in a matter of minutes and there would be a sex scene. never the less you show great pro,ise as a comidian on new grounds. keep it up!