Reviews for "Sea Weasels"


pretty funny :)


Not bad at all, I loved the graphical style and the little interactive touches.
Some quite funny moments, it's a very good short movie to watch.
They're known as sea monkeys here in Canada, I remember them.

It's an overall great flash. Nice job!

Good work.

Daily feature on your first work, eh? Sweeeeeet.

It was pretty good

The sound was annoying or was it just hearing "Sea Weasel, Sea Weasel" one too many times. The interactivity was very good and the style was nice. I just expected more from a movie that won 1st for the day.

((( AAAK )))

Ok now that was freakky, when i looked at them with the eye glass i was like wtf haha, anyways that flash was original and unique, great interactivity, and fun to mess around with...