Reviews for "Sea Weasels"

LOL Crazy

I wanna learn how to displine the sea weasels now!

Very remenescent of Killfrog's work.

Nicely done! I liked everything that happened! What would've been hilarious at the very end, was after the orange Sea-Weasel said "I'm gassy." the narrarator goes, "Uh-oh, it says here in the manuel that after the Sea Weasels have gained maturity, they become very violent!" Then they start tearing each other apart and the narrarator continues, "Well, at least we got this 'Sea Weasels Fighting Arena!' complete with a wide array of weapons for them to use! Let's drop it in and watch the fun!" But that's just my twisted humor. Keep it up! We want to SEE more SEA WEASELS!

Sea Weasels, Sea Weasels, Sea Weasels...damn... that jingle is stuck in my head...Arrggh!!!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech. (I won't lie, I'd buy some Sea Weasels...)

That was brilliant!

But still a bit sad...

Stolen? No way. Freaking nubs...

Come on! Just because someone submits there first flash animation/game to NG dosn't mean it has to SUCK ASS, dose it? No. I swear, a lot of people who write reviews hear are illiterate n00bs... Anyway, I absolutely LOVED the plot of this animation, it was just hillarious! And the salesman voice... just... great! I hope you will make a "Disiplining your Sea-Weasels" episode! :D

i agree with the last guy

this is way to good for your first flash no profile or comment sorry for being suspicous IF IT ISNT STOLEN very good to hoener made it