Reviews for "Sea Weasels"

Comic water tank based action

Not bad at all - loved the graphical style and the little interactive touches. Some quite funny moments, it's a good short movie to watch. They're known as sea monkeys over here, I remember them. Do make a series of this, it's a good start.

I remeber those shrimp

I had a set when I was a kid. Good parody. Your anouncer's voice was vey clear. I liked the interactive parts. (Hugging them was my favorite) Your graphics were good to. Weasels were cute till hey got big. I hope you really do make a series out of this.


u could put a visible circle on items when we can use them so users know theyre supposed to click stuff. nicely done! sea weasels are sooo cute! i wonder if theyre real...

I like it, interesting and a good parody

well animated, smooth and the voice was excellent.


Fun, weird, and funny. Good job!