Reviews for "Sea Weasels"


I coulda sworn that one of em would be a girl when you said they "mature" in a matter of minutes and there would be a sex scene. never the less you show great pro,ise as a comidian on new grounds. keep it up!

He's changing color! That means he likes you!

Very good for your first. I liked watching them suffocate. Hilarious.


That was sweet. Great game, especially for your first. Graphics were fantastic. Animation was great too. Funny as hell too. I liked it. Excellent work. Keep it up!


Back in the day

This reminded me of some of the silly things from back in the day (1980s). I remember those sea creatures you had to put in water and all that jazz and the music "Sea Weasel, Sea Weasel" reminds me of an old timely commercial (maybe back in the 50s). I found this creative and unique.

It was pretty good

The sound was annoying or was it just hearing "Sea Weasel, Sea Weasel" one too many times. The interactivity was very good and the style was nice. I just expected more from a movie that won 1st for the day.