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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"


so now i know i am not the only 1 that does things like that! hehehe very nice job! though i never used that many fireworks...hmmm....oh well still nice!




That was the BEST flash thing I've seen in AGES!!!!!

You are the bomb! ;)

(Tee hee. Crappy pun.)

nothing left to say but congrats my friend

I did the samt thing with a minie and a Micky dool once but i used jumping jacks and M-80's I cut the little bastardes head off with the jumping jacks and blew their bodies up with the m-80's lots of fire lots of fun

man i've love it !!!

man you're my god dude
keep with this series with other's pokemon's
and try cherry booms !!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

Somebody set up Weedle the bomb.

We get laughter. All my 5 are belong to this.