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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"

where is it?

Wheres the movie? I dont see anything!

TmsT responds:

It doesn't play for people with no genitalia.

pointless and stupid

another stupid anti pokemon movie...man..ur crazy.....grow up

TmsT responds:

Ahh, most people just watch it for the explosion, not the Pokemon. If it's Pokemon you're after, might I suggest going to www.pokemon.com or strangling yourself.

How Original! Oh Wait.

It's really pathetic that someone like you gets a high score for video taping fireworks just because it's based on the explosion of a cheap Pokemon toy you probably stole from your little sister's Burger King Big Kid's Meal, especially when you're in your early 20s. Shouldn't be people like you have a job and a life, or something along those lines? It's easy to assume that a kid like you never went to college, and that you probably still live with your parents.

TmsT responds:

1: Yes, yes it is pathetic that it got a high schore, but whose fault is that? Hmm? Whose? Oh- wait, I know whose... YOU people who voted for it. Yes, that's whose. Not mine.

2: I didn't steal it, I paid for it in my very own Burker King Kids' meal! So there!

3: Yes, people like me should have a job and a life.

4: I not only went to college, but I also failed at university! Wooo!

5: You're right, I probably do. What you gonna do about it? Just be happy that you're a great Flash animator who doesn't eat Burger King, isn't in his early 20's, has a job & a life, and doesn't live with his parents any more, and leave me the fuck alone I'm going to kill myself now fuck you asshole


Will everyone just stop the anti pokemon! What use to it make! infact, the more you make, the more pokefan's ther'll be. Besides, what's wrong with liking pokemon? It's like blowing up a link figure, cause you don't like The legend of Zelda. JUST STOP ALL THE FIGHTING AND LEAVE US BE!

TmsT responds:

No, it's about blowing shit up because explosions are fucken awesome. Stop concentrating on your stupid little cartoon toys and take a look at what's FUN about it, you uptight prude.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION POKEMON DOESNT SUCK.Other than that I like the fireworks.