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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"


Its a shame the NZ government illegalised sky rockets. I guess lots and lots and LOTS of sparklers can make up for it, especially if one of those bombs were thrown into the beehive(government building) window.

TmsT responds:

Now that'd be keeping the original spirit of Guy Fawkes alive!


I never realised you could get such an explosion with sparklers!

Would you like a pokemon with your fireworks YES!

That was awsome I really don't blow much stuff up especially with a sparkler I never though that was posible but now i know

memories........good times, goooood times

Ah yes I love to do this. Ive never seen this method though. what i like to do is take the paper wrapped sparklers, take the powder put it in a coffee can use a sparkler as a wick. maybe nail the pokemon to a small piece of wood and place it in it.(warning do not try at home....unless you like fire) anyway good idea 2 film it. Cyal8er

ROFL! i luv it!

that was awesome. next time, use more tape, more pressure builds up. try doing another with lighter-fluid, flour, a sealable container, another stupid pokemon, and some sort of wick. email me if you need help putting it together ^_~ keep up the awesome work.