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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"

well, I'm truely a dementedbastard so... it all 10

I am also a Pyro. (no, not like the Trash Can Man in "The Stand") so it makes me happy :) also, I posted the sparkler bomb on my craptaculer (<-- from The Simpsons) website so maybe he got the info on how to make one blah blah blah.

Truely a MasterPiece!


ive done something similar except i tape sparklers to a 20oz bottle of gas. but this was friken hilarious. 10/10




That was the BEST flash thing I've seen in AGES!!!!!

You are the bomb! ;)

(Tee hee. Crappy pun.)

Theres a way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day!

What better way to celebrate the destruction of parliment that with and exploding weedle. You sir are number 1!.

Anyway movie hilarius you win the prize. What's the prize you ask well getting a review on a movie posted three years ago!

Good Job!


hilarious. faved