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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"


holy crap it was so fuckin funny, i never knew that sparklers could explode when there are taht many together.... priceless... i laughed so hard when I saw this

hells yeah

fuck pokechu, hes dead now
im gonna have to go get some sparklers

Suck it macken, but brush your teeth first, i dont want my dick smelling like pickled herring... and make some meatballs, them shits is tastey

oh yeah and the eu is a joke

Burn bitch Burn!

what kind of person toasts a pokemon for shits and giggles?

a cool one in my book! that was awesome, but it works better with bottle rockets taped around the pokemon (it doesnt toast, but it flys!)


not much to except me likey :P
oh yeah and are you or whoever did the girls voice from new zealand? :P sound like it
anyway good film little gross at the end "mmm rat my favourite" :S
Keep it up ^_^

TmsT responds:

Why yes, we both are. The voice actor for Gothboy is Belgian.

(But you're reviewing the wrong movie, lawl!)


That movie was okay but I will give it a 10.