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Reviews for "A Very Pokemon Guy Fawkes"


That was freaking awesome, I never thought that a sparkler would blow up that awesomely. AWESOME!! Although I was expecting a bit more displays. you could launch someting out of a bottle rocket or something.

hehe owned

thats 1 way to kill a weedle lol

any other ideas lmao?


not much to except me likey :P
oh yeah and are you or whoever did the girls voice from new zealand? :P sound like it
anyway good film little gross at the end "mmm rat my favourite" :S
Keep it up ^_^

TmsT responds:

Why yes, we both are. The voice actor for Gothboy is Belgian.

(But you're reviewing the wrong movie, lawl!)

I love it!

Excellent, Mr Neil. I have a suggestion: Why don't you parody this into one of those stupid safety films:
"The BBC Present another boring safety production: Why it is not a good idea to take a Pokemon soft toy and 250 sparklers and wrap them together like a cracker..."
I think that would be rather spiffing!!
Rachael Bradley =D

Theres a way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day!

What better way to celebrate the destruction of parliment that with and exploding weedle. You sir are number 1!.

Anyway movie hilarius you win the prize. What's the prize you ask well getting a review on a movie posted three years ago!

Good Job!