Reviews for "PsychoGlass"

Nin meets cowboys and indians

a unique sound and its gained my respect. 10/10

reminds me of an old cowboy and indian film thats been industrial'ed up =]

This song would make a better loop

You got it to build then it just kinda ends, now listening to this song for like 10 mins would put you in a loony bin.... so work on it and let me know if you ever make it into a loop

It was definitely really good, but...

I was waiting and waiting for some kind of explosion, if you know what I mean. It kept building up and building up, but it never fully let loose.

I do like the eeriness of it, though.

Zerfetzer responds:

and yeah...u r so right...but that was my intention on it...that is what makes it even more psycho...;)...it goes on and on and on...and there is no final destination at all...


Dark, with a definite spiritual overtone.

Like jesus turning water into LSD.




Ich hab mich nich wirklich an Philip Glass erinnert gefühlt, eher an Johannsson... Aber nett gemacht, chills an scares gleichzeitig.