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Reviews for "_-={Moonlit Cobble}=-_"

Good idea, bad instrumentation.

Okay melody and structure.
However, the oboe, without any articulation, ruined what would otherwise have been a very upbeat, bouncy song.

A peaceful night...

This song is very unique Maestro. It is very unique in the fact that I simply cannot write a story for this piece. This is a piece in which the members of Newgrounds must write their own stories. They must try their earnest to remember some of the peaceful nights that they have had and put the music into that memory. I know my peaceful night. It wasn't exactly in a very peaceful place, but it was peaceful in it's own right nonetheless. It was a walk through the nightlife of downtown Chicago, along the waterfront area near the skyline. I'll never forget that sight of the Chicago skyline at night. What is your peaceful night Maestro. Send it to me in your review, or in your email if possible. Keep up the good work...

Nightly walks...

You know it's too bad that I don't have an Ipod... I would download this melody into it and go out for a walk in the night. Haaa... good times.

Well it's still good to hear this even if I can't hear it anywhere else... helps me think about things seriously.


u and lady arsenic never cease to amaze me 10 and 5

very soft, nice and quaint

I like this piece, its very calming. Reminds me of a dark cloud score. Could be used as a village theme, while the villagers roam about peacefully from home to home collecting information. Love the guitar movement, very effective chords. While the oboe and flutes grace the higher end. Starts off playful with the cello/contrabass and gets more peaceful as the tune evolves.

Even though this is a calming piece, I don't think it would hurt to raise the volume just a bit on the guitars.

Well great work guys :D

MaestroRage responds:

Awww, I love that game! <3 It's one of my favorites!
I liked putting the guitar in there too, but I didn't want it to be prominent at all. I wanted the main focus to be just on the oboe and the flute. This was their song to shine upon and show everyone how beautiful they can be. ^_^
I'm glad you liked it though! And way to go, Dark Cloud fan, gotta love it! Thanks for listening!
With love,
Lady Arsenic