Reviews for "Rejected Game"


that was entertaining. a good little piece.


i love the Rejected cartoon!! just playing this game made me remember it...try making another one that actually ties in the other characters in the movie into the game. that'd be even kooler.

Pretty Good

This is pretty nice, great coding. By the way, Comando99 I GOT 35490 BEAT THAT BEYATCH :p. Anyway, my tip for the game would be hold space and tap left and right continously.

That was surprisingly fun

The music was cool, and for 100kb it's alot of fun. Also a little note to toothless_aggression and many other people who write reviews: LEARN TO WRITE COHERENTLY, THEN CRITICISE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK! USE SPELL CHECK IF YOU HAVE TO!

TikiLoungeGod responds:

Thanks RedBed. Remember kids: correct grammer and spelling do wonders for validating one's opinon

Not bad at all!

Little bit too difficult to use the controls tho - not sensitive enough tho i doubt thats your fault lol

Nice way to kill time =D