Reviews for "Rejected Game"

Nice little minigame

lol, Rejected has to be the funniest animation I've ever seen in my life. It's almost remarkable that I haven't seen any sort of tribute to it yet on NG, but I guess there are still a lot of people who don't know about it.
The game mechanics are simple but effective. Music is suitable, I think. It would been great if, when you lost, his anus started bleeding profusely. Haha, having seen the animation, you'll know why, while those reading this review in absence of that experience will probably deem me sick or sadistic.

Silly Hats ONLY

That was surprisingly fun

The music was cool, and for 100kb it's alot of fun. Also a little note to toothless_aggression and many other people who write reviews: LEARN TO WRITE COHERENTLY, THEN CRITICISE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK! USE SPELL CHECK IF YOU HAVE TO!

TikiLoungeGod responds:

Thanks RedBed. Remember kids: correct grammer and spelling do wonders for validating one's opinon

blam this shit

it sucks

graphics:1(totally suck)

sound:3(for the intro only!)

this are the only good points the rest all zero!


u shouldnt stela characters from rejected...but ne wayz....the games so repeteive...its nothgin...try to add more...like....more space for areas running or something else....or mabye no more cause its copyright stealing hertzfeldts stuff......


Dude....I dont think you should be trying to steal the cartoons from a famas movie that was made... The game is good I admit but you get permission from the creater of Rejected to make something of his work. But still the game is alright and I think a 5 is decent for it.....its just avoiding objects. Clouds.....Stars.....People if you havnt seen the Rejected Film then you will die a horrible death.. GO watch it now its probably the most halarious thing you will see. Keep up the work Sam

TikiLoungeGod responds:

I gave him credit on the game, and me using a character from Rejected is no different from all the hundreds of people who use mario, sonic, megaman, etc.