Reviews for "Rejected Game"

Rejected is one of my favorite short films of all time. This game is ok, but's awesome to see someone make a game out of it.

Not bad at all!

Little bit too difficult to use the controls tho - not sensitive enough tho i doubt thats your fault lol

Nice way to kill time =D


I was hoping for something a bit more relevent to the animated short.

Not bad

LOL UR ALL LOSERS 44100 ON MI FRIST TRY LLO! It's all about the jumping :O

Anyways, this game probably won't be appreciated unless you've seen "Rejected". Even then you probably won't get much more than a "heh". The gameplay has no glaring problems and the inclusion of jumping added a spin to the usual "avoid falling objects" spiel. The graphics accurately depicted the film. The downfall of the game is that it's simply, well, too simple. There's no goal other than to stay alive and the game never changes. Maybe you could throw in additional things as the game goes on, or make it progressively more difficult?

As a last thought, the sound became repetitive. Hearing blaring horns every 15 seconds got on my nerves.

Pretty Good

This is pretty nice, great coding. By the way, Comando99 I GOT 35490 BEAT THAT BEYATCH :p. Anyway, my tip for the game would be hold space and tap left and right continously.