Reviews for "Friday Flood: Black Cat"

Happy Friday Flood

Lines maybe quirky but that kat can sure tease in a dark mood sex appeal kind of way. The hand looks stiff though, makes me wander if she's brushing off or she's placing her palm on the surface of her floor, bed, or anything she could be laying on but the coloring and shades and tint puts up a Gothic feel on the art. The background makes me wander if the top squares are broken glass or maybe tattered cloth but it does streak nicely in my view :3

Icy coolness

The colours are brilliant, man, and you've managed to use them effectively and efficiently to create a great concept of coolness throughout the picture. The spacing is set out well, and it really does (with enough squinting to get past the small detail of that it is in fact a picture) look like a model photograph, or at least contains the essence of one.

The main things that I can pick out with the picture, though, are both the scribbled lines, and the awkward posing - both of them subtract from the picture substantially and don't quite let the essence of modeling through. That's not even mentioning that the face is obscured and the extremities (toes and finger) are fused, effecting creating a rather good look sack with cat ears. The little flirty bubble thing also doesn't really add anything to the picture - a silky smooth voice, as would probably be voiced by this character, would not speak in bold.

So it's a nice picture, but it's missing a lot. The great use of colour doesn't quite make up for how rushed it looks, so it needs a lot of refining, but good work anyway BMK.