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Reviews for "Loop of Fury and Doom (Foom)"


The words to this song should be...

Smell my faeces, smell my faeces, smell my feaces you dirty little sod.

GoreBastard responds:



Damn man... I've been meaning to ask you what all you use to record your shit. I've been trying to find something to get that little fuzzy synthetic edge off of my shit but I've come to no avail... ANYWHOOOOOT Nice shit. Makes me want to get out a fucking sledge hammer and start beating the fuck out of everything.

omg! :D

how come I missed this one!? :D
the riffs are awsome! :D

you should make lyrics for this one! :)
this could be a huge hit in the world we call heavy metal!

keep on doing heavy shit like this! :D


Man thats like some strait up Zack Wylde shit there fucking sick ass pinch harmonics and great flow with the double bass. Just needs a break down to really heavy with a slow Bass and drums going off to lead into a guitar solo.



Great song. i listen to it all the time loopin Love evything ya do nice work

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks man!!