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Reviews for "Loop of Fury and Doom (Foom)"

GB goodness!

Sweet, glad to hear some new shit from you! Pretty nice as always! Kicking riffs! The actual kick is sounding way better than the other beatcrap shit. ;) Also, get msn now fag, I miss yo! ;)

5'd for captain fuckhead!


The drums are sounding pretty good. The kick is an improvement from your older ones. The snare could use some more attack to it though. Isn't quite aggressive enough. Are these the samples Andy recorded? Anyway man glad to hear that you got a new computer. Maybe now we can talk for the first time in years, haha.

Jizzy goodness

Must drop it farther.
Samples sound pretty good man.
Guitar sounds nice too.

(Haiku poem for you)

Great for a test.
Nice drudgy Dimebag tempo. You should have screamed some shit in there too...just to fuck around.

<3 5


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