Reviews for "Let It Be (Beatles Cover)"


I really enjoyed the start. Very soothing and relaxing. Made me think of a river, with a little island in the middle, flowing loudly and reflecting the sunlight while soft breezes blew here and there and there was just a small whisp of cloud on a nice 25 degrees celcius day.
Nice work on this, i liked it :D


WhiteKeys responds:

Haha thanks. I was worried that I wouldn't get any reviews because it's not techno. :D


I love this song! Good job!


This is my favorite Beatles song ever! Thank you so much. You've brought good music to Newgrounds.

That was just amazing :) thank you

Respect man. I thought it would be hard to listen to the song without vocals, but it gave me a chance to appreciate the instruments used in it. You did a great job with this, and I hope to see more.