Reviews for "Let It Be (Beatles Cover)"


This is my favorite Beatles song ever! Thank you so much. You've brought good music to Newgrounds.

Good job.

One of my favorite Paul McCarteny song. Can't really listen to it without vocals, but got job anyway.


It's beautiful! The mixture and guitar are very nice sounded and neither one seemed to overpower the other. My only complaint is that it seemed that the guitar got off beat a tiny bit at times. Fix that, and you will have achieved perfection.

--Pink Machine

Solid Cover

Very good cover, but the guitar patch is a little twangy and too staccato for my tastes. The piano line works well, it has good volume and intensity.

thanks you

love it man your my hero bring one of my favrit hits in newground, Dame it thanks you man if you wana know im cryig but it becus of im happy.