Reviews for "++ Kaim Reborn ++"

Very nice.

I know the exact part that you're talking about. From the first dream, I knew this game had a gripping story.

While the piano is EPICALLY AWESOME, the choir... sounds too synthy. That's the ONLY bad part I can come up with this.

Well-layered percussion, nice use of delay effects, and a very nice, well-balanced sound.

I feel that you could have a little more fun with instrument placement and panning- but that's just me. Anyways. I'm impressed. Totally didn't expect this level of awesomeness from you.

Oh, yes. Awesomeness. For such, you recieve a McAwesomeBurger award. Enjoy.

kelwynshade responds:

tasty tasty


Never played that game but wow thats was a nice song

kelwynshade responds:

Thank you.

great song

Jason told me to check this out after i commented on "what have i done". I love all kinds of strategy, rpgs mainly. Lost odyssey was a great game. It fits perfectly. Cant wait for the second part. Loved this song.

kelwynshade responds:

Sweet. Thanks for checkin it out.


Another nice videogame track, ambient but still with a spec of tension to it. Great rythem, great sound effects, great mixture of instruments. Alltogether it flows on nicely, keep up the good work!


kelwynshade responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you like it.

well done

i dont think ill ever finish the game..as the turn based battles with 20 second load times bore me, but it has great music and this is very fitting

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks, dude. I appreciate the comments.

Seriously, force yourself through the load times. It's been a very very long time since I really found myself caring about the characters or story in a game.

Glad you liked it, man.