Reviews for "++ Kaim Reborn ++"

awesome man i feel ya

ya that part in the game was quite emotional and i think this is a perfect song. for those of you who havent played lost odessy go pick up a copy of it.

i also have a question how do i get past the experimental staff place i keep dieing

kelwynshade responds:


The Experimental Staff was definitely not easy, that's for sure. Just make sure you level up with the easy enemies for a while. Then later on, know when to run if you have to.

gamefaqs.com should have a perfect guide for ya.


This song is just beautiful. So inspirational and uplifting.
Nice beat/rhythm.

Great work.



this is really good man - esp. for fl studio - I use fl sdudio - and I hope this isnt fl keys :P

its really different and interesting - esp. the percussion - the ghostly vocals in the v/g could prolly be filtered up a bit.. but everything resonates really well ^^

I hear a wooden percussion in there too haha :P - u using soundfonts? :P

neways awesome work man - you can stay in my genre that I have ruled for.. oh.. 5 years now? haha :P


kelwynshade responds:

Haha, yeah, just recently I've switched to VSTi's, so im slowly getting rid of my love for .SF2's. yeah, good ol FL Studio. I just can't pull myself away from it long enough to learn other progs.

Your remixes are very well done too. I think I've voted 5's on most of your goods pretty often as I see them on the front page along with mine.

I appreciate the review man. Thanks for checkin it out.



kelwynshade responds:

The magic letter is 'D'.

I'm afraid there isn't a video as I made this song using Fruity Loops.

It's not tough to find the keys for the piano segments.

absolutely inspiring

what makes even more beautiful is just the fact that it isn't a perfect sounding piano that is being used - but it IS the RIGHT piano that is being used...something I think a lot of composers miss. You don't always need the most bomb equipment and stereo-widened to hell sounds to make something sound right. In fact - it's crippling to have all perfect sounding things.

The mix is very wet with all the reverb - but in this case - you know how to use that to your advantage whereas (again) many other composers would find themselves drowning the piece in it. It seems your instruments at least know how to "swim" so to speak.

Though it's just 2 simple chords, they turn out to be tremendously effective...but that was probably very evident from just the first time you played them. I know how that sort of stuff goes...

kelwynshade responds:

Exactly. Sometimes when some of us sit down and strike a few notes, you can already hear the whole song pan out. If something is strikingly emotional from just a few keys, usually we're on to something.

I appreciate the comments, especially since you're right on the money. Sometimes the perfect sound isn't always what makes the perfect song.