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Reviews for "Battlemage"


esta super calidad sigue dibujandoo

Love it.

love the grimy look of it
new background. ty man

golden armor ?

This guy is showing off

Utter Epicness

Now that's what I call a BattleMage!

amazing, just amazing

awesomly done mate i realy love it. i love the archangel too so plz plz do more of this type of characters plz.

and in response to the discussion if you will why mages don't wear armor is becouse magic is a complex thing to do and takes up all of your time, so you cant realy be asked to build up the strength and stamina it takes to wear steel plate or w/e. but at the same time i think a mage of sufficient powers could magicly hold the armor without actualy feeling the physical weight.
then there is the argument of reduced flexebility of the wearer, however this would suggest movement needed to preform magic wich isent always the case.
so in the end there is no reason for a mage not to wear armor becouse of the different interpetations of how magic works. somtimes it would be a mere thought that calls forth the power, in other cases words or movement.

i could go on with arguments for both ends of the spectrum, but tha would make this comment even more longwinded then it already is.

anyways i love the drawing man you've got some tallent a lot as a mater of fact hope you make more.
5/5 10/10

Errold responds:

True, but what is best, wearing a dress. Or some awesome plate stuff? :D