Reviews for "Battlemage"

Its good

The deatils on the art is good but u cant see his feet properly its blurry anyways 10/10

Please read this.

There is one thing that is kind of missing from this. I didn't see it at first, but after thinking about it I figured out what was bothering me. Every part of it is flawlessly made, but I knew there was still something missing. Look at the man's stance. For me it's too casual. Like he is nonchalantly just shrugging off an enemy spell or casting something minor. I want to see him look like he's ripping the world in half, non-casting-arm thrown back, feet digging the ground, knees bent from the strain of such overwhelming power. Then the dramatic earth being thrown into the air would look much cooler. Show me true power! Right now he looks like he's snowboarding after a few joints, chill. Just my opinion.


probaly the best art ive seen in ages!


Just purely awesome!


That's so badass!