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Reviews for "Kriz: ReMotion"

Ah I love your songs.

Everyone of your songs keeps everyone on their feet. XD Andd this song lightens moods because it's so up beat :O Can't wait to hear more. ^.^


Fantastic work here, it really shows your talent well
have a merry Xmas!

Kr1z responds:


Run Elephant Run Plus Remotion=JOY

This song, which I would never of herd if it had not been for Run Elephant Run, may be one of the best electro songs I have ever herd.

Kr1z responds:

I'm glad some flashdudes see my music too now :D
thanks man!!


A lot can be said for having music in the proper context. Hello, I'm a Newgrounds member who found your song as the track used for Run Elephant Run. If I had ever listened to this song as a standalone entity, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it, and listened to it every so often. After playing the game, however, the song took on a whole new meaning.

The title of my review is that meaning. That's the message your song inspires, and that in itself is an achievement unlike most can obtain. In the dark times the world finds itself in, a message of hope in any medium can have a huge impact on those who observe it. That's not to say that the music wasn't already inspiring. It must have been for the creators of RER to want to select it to help them tell the game's story. It's truly an accomplishment.

Reviews are meant to criticize and aid in future projects, and I would be remiss if I didn't do my part. I noticed a few reviews back that your had been given a score that noted the buildup of the song as a negative. While that may have been that user's opinion, I must say that the music swelling into the beat was one of the crowning moments. It's also been said that the music is repetitive, and it was. Repetition isn't always such a bad thing, however, and I think you knew what you were doing when you decided to keep the repetition.

That's about all I have to say in terms of criticism. I'd just like to say again how this song has lifted my spirits, and I'm sure the spirits of many others, and that you have a gift. May your next endeavor bear as much fruit as the last.

- Xanatos

Discovered this tune on "Run Elephant Run." The story set up the premise, so I guess my ear's "view" of this track is affected by it. All the same, I liked how the tune creeped up to "Come ON!" at 0:50, ran out the gate with it, hit the wall at 1:30, soothed and calmed the heart down and revved it up again with the reprise at 2:25, skipped like a stone on the pond at 3:17, and came to a wonderful happy ending coda at 4:08. You made it fit the game's narrative well... or did jmtb02 fit it to your song?

Either way, it makes me want to do my OWN "rush to reunite the lovers" story.