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Reviews for "Kriz: ReMotion"

thank you

i was in a bad mood but after playing the elephant run i was so happy i just had to comment on you and you alone cause this song has changed me i actually am crying tears of joy as i write this

Kr1z responds:

Waw that's awesome :)

Thanks for the review!!

Your song has feeling.

Around a year ago, I was going through rough times. When I felt low, and needed a boost, I pulled out my MP3 and popped a good dose of ReMotion. And man, did it feel good. This song reeks of positive, inspiring energy. Truly masterwork. 10/10, and I wish I could give more.

Kr1z responds:

Glad I could help :)


I agree with Dagashi.

I play this song whenever I play QWOP.

Simply awesome!

Some songs give people the inspiration, the rush and the drive to push themselves further. This is undoubtedly one of those songs. Just by listening to it, you get this welling feeling that you can go out there and accomplish ANYTHING!

It takes great talent to do this. And you are obviously an old friend of that type of talent. Kudos!!! :)

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the kind words!!

LOVIN IT! Beat Hazard Awesomness

Ive always loved this song and downloaded it waayyy back when. Now that i have a NG account i shall review. ( was too lazy to get one in the past)
To put it simply?.... well... i cant. i have no words for how amazing this song is quite frankly. SO!
First i would like to say congrats on the flawlessness of this song.
I play it on Beat Hazard all the time and ive gotta say on ANY mode this song is a beyond amazing play. Makes firing giant lazers the best thing ever!

On a note though at 3:30 the songs base has always been scratchy in both my speakers and headphones. 2:25 is a bit but it tames down some. i dont know if its just the quality or not but thats the only negative ive had about the song. Over all keep up the amazing work! hope to hear more like this from you soon!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks so much for the review :)

You probably already know that I and F-777 have made an album, named ReMotion 2010! :) If not, have a look at it :D
It contains a remastered version of this song, and F-777's remix !