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Reviews for "Kriz: ReMotion"

Discovered this tune on "Run Elephant Run." The story set up the premise, so I guess my ear's "view" of this track is affected by it. All the same, I liked how the tune creeped up to "Come ON!" at 0:50, ran out the gate with it, hit the wall at 1:30, soothed and calmed the heart down and revved it up again with the reprise at 2:25, skipped like a stone on the pond at 3:17, and came to a wonderful happy ending coda at 4:08. You made it fit the game's narrative well... or did jmtb02 fit it to your song?

Either way, it makes me want to do my OWN "rush to reunite the lovers" story.

Since the Run elephant run was released. I was inspired by how that blue elephant used everything he had to get back. The music just made it sublime. Everytime I hear this I am always reminded of the strength we find in ourselves to do what we feel is right. And this is exactly what your work of art means to me.

Thank you for sharing this with the world.


Just... No words to describe it!


I played elephant run the day it was released (about 3 years ago) and I was amazed by the excellent soundtrack in that little flashgame.

3 years later, I'm browsing the web for more music to put in my playlist, and suddenly I remembered that "awesome song in the elephant game" from 3 years ago. The fact that I still haven't forgotten about this song truly proves that this is a masterpiece.

Just made this as my new addition to my music playlist, to make sure that I'll never forget about it again!

Thank you for making this, and good luck with whatever you might be doing in 2012. I'm out.

Best. Trance. Ever.

I consider this a trance, mostly because it's very, VERY upbeat, and has leads. <3
I just LOVE this song. Better that Melody From Heaven. This has just the right mix of repetition and variation. Layering is great. Just. Fucking. AWESOME.
I will rate this 5s every time I think about it.
Love it.

Kr1z responds:

Oh glad you liked it :D