Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"


This is amazing, it's actually DnB like pendulum style... I like the orchestras and the piano... the bassline was impressive, it was perfect! Also I liked your drum samples for the breakbeat.

Overall, I think you accomplished everything you set out to with this song, kudos

5/5 10/10


fuckin love that snyth noise at like 47

really awesome dnb song


Loving this track.
I HATE drum and bass but i love this....
Sounds a lot like pendulum (One Of My FAVE Bands)


I heard this a while ago but never reviewed it; I really love this track. I wanna hear more like this from you. :}

VALLEY OF DEATH - indeed!!!

Very dark. I love it. There is still something you should try. Try with a bit darker and more aggressive drums combined with more different dark melody lines. But either way song is COOL!!! Good work.