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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

well done

good mixing
from beggining to end , i like that


Viscous! Dirty! Beautiful! This track and you as well have been added to my favorites. Masterfully done. I love it!

This isn't good...

IT'S INHUMANLY GREAT! Woah, very very good job. Normally I'd try to give you constructive critics, but well, I don't know what to give critics on. The only thing I think is wrong, is that you don't got more downloads for this song, than 1300... this song, for me, is as good as e.g ParagonX9's best songs ( that for sure got 10 000 + downloads!). I'll try to advertise this song to friends and such. I mean this song, six and half a minute long track of pure awesomeness, that's something very rare in the AP. That's just my opinion I guess.

However, I really want you to submit something that resembles this song :). Another thing I want to tell you, I rarely put stuff on favourites, but this song's going there for sure :].

Keep up the awesomely great work, man!

PS. Just one question... I'm curious to know which program you use. :] This song's very well mastered.

PERVOK responds:

Well thank you for a very great review! I use Reason 3.0 exclusively now, man I love that program.

Thanks again man!


was pretty cool
i like the rhythm
and the effects were awesome
was pretty dark, i like that, & i enjoy it a lot


This is awesome! 5/5, 10/10! This song is awesome!