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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

Because you asked for one :P

Here is your review:

There are very few things that could be improved with this song, and I think perhaps the very beginning area of the intro could be rewritten a bit (maybe the first thirty seconds?) It sounds a bit too complacent for the energy that comes later from that nice bassline that kicks in around the first minute and becomes the real theme of the song.

However, I really liked the spacing of the theme breaks (for instance, the one around 2 minutes really helped with keeping the song fresh), as well as the high pitched bell-ish sounding instrument used during them. Really lends the song a kind of fresh start every time, which I really think helps to keep me interested in listening to the whole thing (as you said, long tracks take a lot out of you :p)

Barely any room for improvement, 9/10, 5/5, DL'd.


This is amazing, it's actually DnB like pendulum style... I like the orchestras and the piano... the bassline was impressive, it was perfect! Also I liked your drum samples for the breakbeat.

Overall, I think you accomplished everything you set out to with this song, kudos

5/5 10/10

Haha! Amazing!

This is an incredibly powerful song, very pro sounding, and has a good lenth. Flawless. If there was ever a time to rate a 10/10 this is it. Never stop doing what you're doing because you're damn good at it and its truly something amazing. You're going places man.


Usually when I download i give a 4/5, 9/10... but my GOD this song is good. A theme song to my life kinda thing. Awesome!! keep making more

the shiznit is here!

this song is fuckin dope!!! the bassline is amazing zenon (THE SHIT IS HERE MAN!!)